Open House: Montreal Road Transportation Planning and Functional Design Study

Montreal Road Transportation Planning and Functional Design Study

(North River Road to St. Laurent Boulevard)

Open House

Thursday, March 9, 2017
Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health
299 Montreal Road
5:30 to 8 p.m.
OC Transpo route 12
The City of Ottawa is undertaking a transportation planning and functional design study of the Montreal Road corridor between North River Road and St. Laurent Boulevard.

This project is being coordinated with the Montreal Road Infrastructure Renewal Project within the same study limits with construction scheduled to commence in 2018/2019. The functional design resulting from this study will serve as the basis for the Montreal Road Infrastructure Renewal project and the detailed design process will begin after this study is finalized. The functional design has been prepared in accordance with the 2013 Official Plan (OP) and Transportation Master Plan (TMP) policies.

At the Open House you will have the opportunity to review:

  • The functional design of the road corridor for the full study limits;
  • General road cross-section details in specific areas;
  • The addition of cycling facilities;
  • Modifications to transit priority lanes;
  • Protected intersection designs at the North River Road and Vanier Parkway intersections.

Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. If you require special accommodation, please call or email the project lead identified below before the event.

Should you require additional information regarding this study please contact:

Angela Taylor, P. Eng.
Senior Project Engineer | Gestionnaire principale de project
Transportation Services Department | Service des transports
110 Laurier Avenue West, 4th Floor, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1J1
613-580-2424 ext. 15210

Étude de conception fonctionnelle et de planification du transport sur le chemin Montréal (du chemin North River au boulevard St-Laurent)

Séance portes ouvertes

Le jeudi 9 mars 2017
Centre Wabano pour la santé des Autochtones
299, chemin Montréal
17 h 30 à 20 h
Circuit 12 d’OC Transpo

La Ville d’Ottawa entreprend une étude de conception fonctionnelle et de planification du transport pour le couloir du chemin Montréal, entre le chemin North River et le boulevard St-Laurent. Ce projet se fait en coordination avec le projet de réfection de l’infrastructure du chemin Montréal. Il porte sur le même secteur d’étude et les travaux devraient commencer en 2018/2019.

La conception fonctionnelle qui résultera de cette étude servira de base au projet de réfection de l’infrastructure du chemin Montréal et le processus de conception détaillée commencera une fois la présente étude terminée. La conception fonctionnelle a été élaborée conformément au Plan officiel de 2013 et aux politiques du Plan directeur des transports (PDT).

Au cours de cette séance portes ouvertes, vous aurez la possibilité d’examiner :

  • La conception fonctionnelle pour l’ensemble du couloir du chemin Montréal à l’étude.
  • Les détails des dessins de coupe du chemin général pour des secteurs précis.
  • L’ajout d’installations cyclables.
  • Les modifications aux voies prioritaires de transport en commun.
  • La conception d’intersections protégées à la hauteur du chemin North River et de la promenade Vanier.

La Ville d’Ottawa accorde beaucoup d’importance à l’accessibilité. Si vous avez des besoins particuliers, veuillez appeler la chargée de projet soussignée ou lui transmettre un courriel avant la tenue de la rencontre.

Pour de plus amples renseignements au sujet de cette étude, veuillez communiquer avec :

Angela Taylor, ing.
Ingénieure-chef de projet| Gestionnaire principale de projet
Service des transports
110, avenue Laurier Ouest, 4e étage
Ottawa (Ontario) K1P 1J1
Tél. : 613-580-2424, poste 15210
Courriel :

Motion Regarding Rideau High School


Please note that the OCDSB School Trustees met last evening to debate further on the Eastern Accommodation Study. The following motions by Trustee Swartz, Gloucester Trustee Zone 12 passed. The vote 7 to 5. The final results go to the OCDSB Board meeting on March 7. We know that “Transition Planning” has been in place for some time by OCDSB staff.

Please know that all efforts to support keeping Rideau High School open are valuable. There is still time to sway the OCDSB school Trustees, who make the final vote. Write to all School Trustees to make your voices known.

Special thanks to the following Trustees who voted in favour of keeping Rideau HS Open: Trustees Erica Braunovan, Shawn Menard, Chris Ellis, Christine Boothby, Anita Olsen Harper.


In summary, I believe that the OCDSB Senior Administration consultation on this closure does not follow Provincial Guidelines and OCDSB Policy that stipulate a Community Hub Model. I feel that voting to close Rideau High School is wrong and our sense of building this community will be lost with our youth and resources. We already know that the RRCRC was turned down for occupancy. Our efforts to rethink empty buildings such as Albert Street/former Ottawa Tech and Confederation, next to Nepean Sportsplex continue to remain open at our neighbourhood expense. Is this fair? We know that the Native Friendship Centre is interested in moving into Rideau. Why is the OCDSB shutting the doors on any creative thinking? This issue of community is far more than just OCDSB. Our public tax dollars support the OCDSB.

Several notable additions:

  1. Geordie Walker former Principal of Rideau HS, has been awarded a National Principal Award
  2. Pino Buffone, Superintendent of Schools for Rideau HS. will become Director of Education in Refrew Board.

Again, thanks for “Supporting our Community….Save Rideau High School”.

Best regards,
Sheila Perry