Ville d’Ottawa : L’accumulation de l’eau et les inondations créent des risques dans certains parcs municipaux, y compris Parc Riverain

17 avril 2019

La Ville d’Ottawa demande aux résidents de s’assurer que les enfants et les animaux de compagnie sont tenus à l’écart des pataugeoires et des structures de jeux des parcs municipaux situés à proximité d’une rivière.

Les fortes pluies récemment tombées et celles qui sont prévues peuvent jouer un rôle dans le risque que posent les structures de ces parcs. Une hausse du niveau de l’eau, en particulier de la rivière Rideau, peut donner lieu à des accumulations d’eau dans les pataugeoires et d’une importante quantité d’eau autour des structures de jeux des parcs. L’eau des pataugeoires peut être lente à s’écouler et présenter un danger pour les jeunes enfants.  Continue reading


City of Ottawa: Water pooling and flooding creates hazard at some City parks, including Riverain Park

April 17, 2019

The City of Ottawa is asking residents to ensure that children and pets are kept away from City wading pools and play structures in parks located near a river.

Heavy rain recently received and forecasted can play a role in the risk within city parks structures. A rise in water levels, particularly of the Rideau River, can result in water backups in wading pools and a significant amount of water collecting around park play structures. The water in the pools can be slow to drain and pose a hazard to young children.  Continue reading

Ottawa Riverkeeper Shoreline Cleanups / Nettoyage des berges de Garde-rivière des Outaouais

To celebrate Earth Day this year, Ottawa Riverkeeper are organizing and taking part in a series of shoreline cleanups along the Ottawa River, one every day for a week! On Thursday, April 25 they will be in Stanley Park at 11 am. Visit their website to find out more and sign up.

Pour célébrer le Jour de la Terre cette année, Garde-rivière des Outaouais organise et prends part à une série de nettoyages des rives le long de la rivière des Outaouais. Le jeudi 25 avril le nettoyage sera à Stanley Parc à partir de 11 h 00. Visitez le site web de Garde-rivière des Outaouais pour en savoir plus et pour s’inscrire.

Congratulations and thank you!

The OCA Board is very pleased to congratulate our President of the past several years, Rawlson King, on his election as our new Councillor for Ward 13.

It has been almost 30 years since our ward elected a councillor from Overbrook. And Rawlson has made history as the city’s first black councillor. His progressive, robust platform signals the direction residents of this ward want for our City.

OCA looks forward to working with Councillor King on issues facing our ward and our community.

We had a pretty good voter turnout for a by-election complicated by 17 candidates from which to choose. All the candidates should be proud of their hard work in capturing the interest of our citizens. Thank you to Sheila Perry, Kasia Adamiec, Patrick Mayangi and Peter Jan Karwacki who are also from our own Overbrook/Castle Heights area, for caring about the City so much that they would invest their considerable time and resources in running for the councillor position. You have demonstrated our residents’ commitment to strong community. Well done!