Update – September 7, 2020

What you will find in this update:

  1. Celebrating Backpacks for Overbrook Youth
  2. New website coming soon
  3. Four Corners: construction and renaming

Celebrating Backpacks for Overbrook Youth

We did it! With the help of financial and in-kind donations from community members and organizations, Prezdential Basketball and OCA Safety Committee put together 300 backpacks for Overbrook young people! About 165 youth received their backpacks, school supplies, t-shirts and masks at a lively celebration held on August 21 at the Rideau Sports Centre. The remaining bags were delivered to their new owners in the days following the event. Thanks to Manock Lual for his leadership and to all those who volunteered and donated.  What a great community building project! Plans are already in the works to expand the project to neighbouring communities next year in the Second Annual Backpacks for Youth campaign.

New OCA website

Coming soon! OCA’s Digital Team led by Marjolaine Provost has been working with designer Emile Patry Blenkiron to create a new website! The new site will have a cleaner look, and be free of pesky ads and easier to navigate. Watch for the Take Action and Donate buttons if you would like to contribute time or resources to OCA activities. The site will be found at the same URL: overbrook.ca. The transition is expected to take place this month. Feedback will be welcome: info@overbrook.ca.

Four Corners update


Construction will begin this month to rejuvenate the intersection of Lola and Queen Mary – the Four Corners.  Changes will include improved lighting, installation of new street furniture, bike racks, modern planters, an accessible bus stop with a bench, two murals and streetlight pole banners celebrating this Overbrook crossroad. Thanks to volunteers, business owners, City staff and Councillor King and his staff for working together to bring the vision to life.  Thanks also to all those involved in the murals: creators, artist Claudia Salguero and local youth; coordinators, the Boys and Girls Club and Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre; and hosts, Lola’s Confectionery and Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association. The murals will be installed following construction.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by early November.  A large information sign will be installed on-site during construction to keep us informed. Councillor King has also provided the following details:

  • For safety (and legal) reasons, there will be no public access to the work area once construction activities begin.
  • Pedestrian movement will be a key priority during on-site works. Accessible pedestrian access will be maintained to all businesses throughout the construction period.
  • On-street parking on the north side of Queen Mary (adjacent to the plaza and confectionery) will be temporarily removed during construction to facilitate works on and adjacent to the sidewalk. A pedestrian and traffic management plan will ensure the safety of customers, and the public in general.


OCA launched a call for submissions for renaming of the Four Corners in late July. It was open until the end of August and we have received various suggestions from the community, mainly online. We will be proceeding with a selection process led by OCA and Councillor King’s office to find the best name for the intersection – one that helps rally the community and create a sense of belonging. The name will be showcased on five pole banners installed on existing streetlights at the intersection. We look forward to revealing the name in the next few weeks!

Make a video! Réalise une vidéo!

A unique project is underway, where teens and one of their parents will be trained by professional filmmakers. See the poster below. More details will follow…/ Un projet unique en son genre est en cours, où des adolescents  et l’un de leurs parents seront formés par des cinéastes professionnels. Veuillez trouver ci-dessous l’affiche.  De plus amples renseignements suivront…
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