Local Spoken Word Poet to Perform at OCA’s Annual General Meeting

Meet Jamaal Jackson Rogers, or JustJamaal The Poet as he calls himself on his Facebook page.

Jamaal Jackson Rogers 2

We are delighted that he will be giving a short performance at our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 19 November at the Overbrook Community Centre, 33 Quill.

Jamaal’s recitation will be part of a number of presentations that focus on Celebrating Overbrook Youth: Talent – Energy – Resources.

When asked what message he might like to convey to the young people of Overbrook, Jamaal mentioned four key ideas:

  • Remember that life is a journey, a process that happens every moment
  • There are no failures, only life lessons
  • Believe in and depend on your own talent and find people to believe in and support you
  • Be open to allow others to help you

We look forward to welcoming Jamaal to this meeting to focus on youth in our community.

The presentations and performance follow a short OCA business meeting which begins at 6:30 pm.


When LRT Stops in Overbrook — What Then?

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Thursday, 20 November at 6:30 pm

Evelyn Danilko and Matt Eason from the City’s Rail Implementation Office will outline the construction plans to complete the Confederation Line, while Cheryl Brouillard from the Planning & Growth Management Department will address the community design plans surrounding the St. Laurent and Tremblay stations. This will be followed by a question and answer session.

These presentations will be preceded by OCA’s Annual General Meeting when a new board of directors will be elected.

Everyone welcome! Refreshments will be served and heritage holiday cards will be on sale!

Heritage Holiday Card sketched by Tanja Mackin, 2013
Heritage Holiday Card sketched by local artist Tanja Mackin, 2013