OCA Bulletin / Bulletin de l’ACO

Week of September 22, 2019 / Semaine du 22 septembre 2019

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Ward 13 pop-up office Monday / Rencontre ponctuelle de Quartier 13 le lundi

Global Climate Strike in Ottawa Friday / Grève mondiale pour le climat à Ottawa le vendredi

Environment Debate, Oct. 3 / Débat sur l’environnement, le 3 octobre

Ottawa Youth Race / Course jeunesse Ottawa

Crime Prevention Ottawa awards / Prix de Prévention du crime Ottawa

Tree Canada: #OperationReLeaf – Ottawa-Gatineau Tornadoes

OCA Bulletin de l’ACO – semaine du 15 septembre – week of September 15

Rideau-Rockcliffe September Newsletter

Councillor King has released his newsletter for September 2019 outlining upcoming news and events. This third issue provides Ward 13 and City Council updates, including news about the launch of the Confederation Line (O-Train Line 1), along with information about upcoming community events and public consultations: English https://www.rideau-rockcliffe.ca/september_2019_newsletter_for_rideau_rockcliffe En français : https://fr.rideau-rockcliffe.ca/infolettre_pour_rideau_rockcliffe_septembre_2019

Heritage Ottawa: Call to Action Chateau Laurier / Patrimoine Ottawa : Appel à l’action Château Laurier

Contact the Committee of Adjustment before September 18. For details: https://heritageottawa.org/news/chateau-laurier-proposed-addition-committee-of-adjustment-sept-18.

Contactez le Comité de dérogation avant le 18 septembre. Pour voir les détails : https://heritageottawa.org/fr/news/chateau-laurier-ajout-propose-comite-derogation-18-septembre.

Events / Événements

Wednesday, September 25, 6 to 8:30 pm, City Hall. The City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) invites all residents of Ottawa to join us for an evening of organizing action against the provincial cuts to social assistance For more information and to register: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/action-forum-campaign-against-cuts-to-social-assistance-registration-68308704173.

Le mercredi 25 septembre de 18 h à 20 h 30 à l’Hôtel de ville. Une ville pour toutes les femmes (L’IVTF) invite tous les résidents d’Ottawa à se joindre à nous pour une soirée d’organisation de mesures contre les coupures imposées par la province à l’aide sociale. Pour plus d’informations et pour vous inscrire : https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/action-forum-campaign-against-cuts-to-social-assistance-registration-68308704173.

Friday, October 4, 8:30 to 11:00 am, Ben Franklin Place. Crime Prevention Ottawa Speaker Series: Trauma, violence and its effect on children in our community. For more information: https://www.crimepreventionottawa.ca/event/trauma-violence-and-its-effect-on-children-in-our-community/.

Le vendredi 4 octobre, 8 h 30 à 11 h 00 à la Place-Ben-Franklin. La série de conférences de Prévention du crime Ottawa : Les conséquences des traumatismes et de la violence sur les enfants de notre communauté. Pour plus d’informations : https://www.crimepreventionottawa.ca/fr/event/les-consequences-des-traumatismes-et-de-la-violence-sur-les-enfants-de-notre-communaute/.

OCA Meetings / Réunions de l’ACO

  • Board meeting, Thursday, September 19, 6:30 pm, Overbrook Community Centre
  • Annual General Meeting, Thursday, October 17, 6:30 pm, Overbrook Community Centre

Overbrook easements spur fiery debate

Angry residents cite loss of property, crime fears
By Matthew Pearson, The Ottawa Citizen April 13, 2010

Resident after resident — some who said they’ve lived in the neighbourhood longer than many of the houses have had indoor plumbing — slammed the proposal during the boisterous two-hour meeting.
The city’s plan is to tuck rows of unsightly garages in front of homes out of view. It’s hoped that a more picturesque streetscape will emerge as more new homes with rear garages are built.

The full Ottawa Citizen article

Back-lane plan irks residents of Overbrook

City wants to reclaim property in bid to get garages off street

By Mohammed Adam, The Ottawa Citizen April 12, 2010
“It’s obvious this is a major change, and change is always difficult for people,” Legendre said. “But I think it is a good idea. We will end up with a much improved and superior streetscape.”
Many residents, however, see it differently, saying the proposal is no more than an ill-conceived plan to turn Overbrook into New Edinburgh.
The full Ottawa Citizen article