Overbrook easements spur fiery debate

Angry residents cite loss of property, crime fears
By Matthew Pearson, The Ottawa Citizen April 13, 2010

Resident after resident — some who said they’ve lived in the neighbourhood longer than many of the houses have had indoor plumbing — slammed the proposal during the boisterous two-hour meeting.
The city’s plan is to tuck rows of unsightly garages in front of homes out of view. It’s hoped that a more picturesque streetscape will emerge as more new homes with rear garages are built.

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Back-lane plan irks residents of Overbrook

City wants to reclaim property in bid to get garages off street

By Mohammed Adam, The Ottawa Citizen April 12, 2010
“It’s obvious this is a major change, and change is always difficult for people,” Legendre said. “But I think it is a good idea. We will end up with a much improved and superior streetscape.”
Many residents, however, see it differently, saying the proposal is no more than an ill-conceived plan to turn Overbrook into New Edinburgh.
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