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We are currently updating our website. In order to provide a complete picture of our activities, here are the minutes from all the past year’s meetings:

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November 21, 2013 AGM

Minutes November 18, 2010 AGM

Community Council of Overbrook
Annual General Meeting
November 18, 2010
Unapproved Minutes

1. Sheila Perry, President, called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. Attendance count was 29, surpassing quorum. Sheila welcomed all and thanked everyone for attending, then asked each to introduce themselves briefly. It was noted that Councillor Jacques Legendre was present.

2. The Agenda was presented. A motion to “accept the Agenda as presented” was put forth by Mary-Lou Cuillerier and seconded by Dennis Cech, and was passed.

3. The Minutes of the last AGM were reviewed. Peter MacFarlane motioned “The Minutes of 11.26.09 be accepted as printed.”, seconded by Martine Joly, accepted.

4. Business arising from these minutes: Sheila Perry commented on several items from these minutes that have seen progress: the roadwork and sewers along Queen Mary and associated roads have been completed; a sign has been installed in Riverside Memorial Park; and the zoning to permit the expansion of St. Laurent Shopping Centre was approved this week by City Council.

5. Board Reports:

a) Councillor – Ward 13: Jacques Legendre said his role in attending our Community Council meetings was to find out our concerns and to bring City news to us. He pointed out that in his first year, 19 years ago, as our representative, we would be lucky to get 6 people attending our AGM. He suggested we appreciate our growth and build on it. Congratulations were then handed out to Rawlson King and Sheila Perry for putting their names forward as Councillor candidates. Jacques indicated it was a pleasure to serve our community and has seen improvement resulting in a very healthy community. He is looking forward to spending more time with his family, especially his grandchildren.

He then asked for any questions:

Member Steve McNamee asked what Jacques viewed as the three biggest issues in Overbrook and how are they proceeding? Jacques replied that while light rail will transform the City, it will also have considerable effects on Overbrook. The baseball stadium long term position is in question, as the present level of use is not sufficient. The proposed canal footbridge (and bicycle)  will enable traffic to proceed from Donald to Somerset and right downtown over the canal bridge. He mentioned a consultant has been hired and an environmental assessment is to be done in the near term. Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) has received an order from Council to fix what they have and continue with a proper maintenance program. Laneways – the City will have to deal with this City wide issue. He assured those present that nothing will be rammed through, and communities will be involved in the decision making. He very much doubted the new City Council would go against the will of communities, but that laneways could likely play a role in new communities. A resolution will need to be found concerning these strips of land, in that public property is essentially in private hands. He advised the CCO to set a position on this topic.

Roy Hanna asked if Jacques could give us ideas on how residents could successfully object to the proposed zoning change and development at 127 Presland? He responded that the developer has had two public meetings, and in the second meeting considerable changes were presented and these were much better. Traffic would be moved onto the Vanier Parkway, he did not see this as a concern. He did find the facade of the building to be too clinical and improvements could easily be made.

Joanne Lockyer asked if this project could be put on hold and how we could go about this? Jacques responded that it would not be in out best interest to request it be put this on hold unless we had a very good reason. There are provincial guidelines dictating time lines, and the developer can always go forward with the Provincial Planning Act. Jacques said the Councillor-elect, Peter Clark, request Jacques brief him on the Presland development, and this was done.

Sheila Perry, on behalf of the Community Council of Overbrook, then thanked Jacques for his extended service to Overbrook and presented him with a gift of appreciation. Steve McNamee also thanked Jacques on behalf of the residents.

b) Correspondence: Sheila Perry reminded all present that the City’s website, www.overbrook.ca, lists all the development proposals – and much more. She also reminded us that Jacques Legendre started Crime Prevention Ottawa, and that Armand Kayola (community representative at the Overbrook-Forbes Community Resource Centre, 255 Donald) had just received an award for his leadership.

c) Treasurer: Mickey Green reported that we started the year with a bank balance of $1788, and a closing balance of $1993. Our income this year was $1035, with expenses of $680. His report was received along with financial statements.

No motion to accept these was presented.

d) Ward Meetings: No ward meetings have been held by the Councillor since the spring. (Secretary’s files indicate no ward meetings were held during the current CCO’s year of 12.09 to 11.10.)

e) Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa-Carleton (FCA): Sheila Perry reported this organization currently represents 34 community organizations, and they regularly meet with rotating venues across the City. They are active on many common interests, and have been particularly active on the Lansdowne Park development proposals. Sheila emphasized the importance of getting an understanding of rural/urban issues, and the FCA is an excellent vehicle for this.

6. Other Reports:

a) Community Safety and Community Police Centre:  Constable Marc Daviault is our community representative with the Ottawa Police Service (OPS). He has been with us for one year now, and during this time experienced changes in his Sergeant and Ward 13 Councillor. Marc suggested we start a Neighbourhood Watch program. There are several benefits to our community and there has been some interest. Our next CCO Board meeting will be held at the Community Police Centre (CPC), 252 McArthur. All are welcome to the CPC, and the Ottawa Police Service is always looking for volunteers to assist with all CPCs. Marc reported that 255 Donald (Ottawa Community Housing) is slowly making progress on safety and communication issues. A walkabout on this property is planned with input from residents, OCH, and Marc. This will take place shortly. Marc advised that vehicle break-ins are on the rise again, as some of those charged and sentenced to time are now free. As such, don’t leave valuables in vehicles, especially in plain view, particularly electronics (e.g. phones, GPS). The OPS has dedicated volunteers that do courtesy ticketing if they see valuables left in vehicles. This consists of a note reminding the owners of the possible consequences of this situation. He asked all to call or e-mail him with any concerns we may have.

(613-236-1222, Ext. 5823 or daviaultm@ottawapolice.ca)

Marc then invited questions:

Paola Rossell asked how we get the Neighbourhood Watch program started? Marc replied he could get us the documentation or we could get it on the OPS website. We need a co-ordinator, and for every 10 houses we get, we would need a block captain. Everyone involved must fill out forms, and if you get more than 50% of the households on a street, the City will install two Neighbourhood Watch signs. Sheila Perry asked for a show of hands of those interested in a Neighbourhood Watch and over 10 hands went up. She suggested we have a Special Meeting in January on the topic as a follow up. Joanne Lockyer suggested a notice of this meeting be posted on our website.

Marc then closed by saying his Staff Sergeant Murray Knowles sent his regrets that he could not attend; and noted that our previous Community Safety Officer, Sergeant Uday Jaswal, is now Inspector Jaswal.

Sheila praised Marc for his considerable efforts and involvement in our community.

b) Overbrook Community Centre: Michel Baronette, Director of the Centre, reminded us that a year ago all we had was a picture to see the proposed renovations to the Centre, and now there is a full skeleton of the project and very shortly the Centre will be closed until the end of April, 2011. In the meantime, his offices will be re-located to the canteen in the Bernard Grandmaitre Arena, 309 McArthur. Michel thanked Sheila and the CCO, along with the 28 other user groups for their patience. The Centre was able to manage a summer with no washrooms, just portables. There will be a Grand Opening in the spring, with more information to come. In the meantime, if we wish to have a meeting room, the community hall in the Arena has a capacity of 100, and Michel will do his best to accomodate us.

Sheila then thanked Michel for the thoughtfulness and support Michel has given to the CCO, and for his energies in running the many programs in the Overbrook Community Centre.

c) Overbrook-Forbes Community Resource Centre: Armand Kayola, the Centre’s representative, was not present but Sheila Perry noted that Armand was involved in the “No Community Left Behind” program and represented Overbrook in the process. Sheila mentioned that if anyone is interested in participating in the program to contact her.

d) Development & Heritage in Overbrook: Roy Hanna introduced members of a study group addressing the Application for rezoning and development proposal for 127 Presland. This group also involved Mary-Lou Cuillerier, Martine Joly, Scott Richardson and Jim Hurd. Roy reported on a larger, community meeting held last Sunday when over 30 people attended. The following concerns about this project were highlighted: height; density; 303 residents to get an exclusive entry and exit to the Vanier Parkway with a controlled intersection; another intersection to slow traffic on the Vanier Parkway; the project is out of character with the surrounding R3 & R4 zoning. This project is seen as overkill and not intensification. People are urged to object, in writing, by November 22, and by using the City’s Official Plan. Information is on our website (www.overbrook.ca), and our facebook page (www.saveoverbrook.com), including sample letters (in French and English) that you are encouraged to use. The CCO is sending in a letter of objection as well.

Jim Hurd then spoke about a more general framework for the CCO that would prepare us beforehand for similar development proposals in Overbrook rather than having to react to them – proactive not reactive. He had prepared several motions with regard to guidelines, CCO committees dealing with development issues, and 127 Presland. Sheila Perry noted that these motions would need to be put off to our next Board meeting for consideration. She then stressed the importance of educating ourselves on the development process with the City and Provincial frameworks, and noted the City provides primer courses on this process which are free. More information is on the City’s website (www.ottawa.ca).

e) Safety & Traffic Issues: Sheila pointed out that these issues were dealt with elsewhere in the meeting. Volunteers are always welcome.

f) Membership Update: Wendy Dennys has kindly offered to start a database of members, and this will greatly help with ongoing communications and annual renewal of memberships. Joanne Lockyer reported 27 memberships so far for our new year.

g) Riverside Memorial Park: Joanne Lockyer indicated the new park sign was installed and is quite nice and appropriate.

The long term aim is to provide a play structure in the park, located along River Road between Queen Mary and King George. To this end, the City provides a matching grant of up to $7500.

Donations are always welcome, and tax receipts are available from the City. Please send donations to Joanne first, and she will forward them to the City so they can credit our park’s grant allowance account. (Cheques should be made out to “Riverside Memorial Park”)

h) Website update/Facebook: Chris Ellis is currently looking after our website (www.overbrook.ca) but would dearly like someone to take it over. He is willing to give the little guidance required to manage it. Chris Robinson is looking after our facebook page (www.saveoverbrook.com). Sheila thanked both of these for their assistance, and requested help in taking over our website from Chris. Peter MacFarlane stressed the importance of our website in communicating with our membership and implored anyone with interest to come forward and help out. Rawlson King replied that he would be willing to look into this position and was thanked.

i) Environment Committee: Sheila Perry reported that spring and fall cleanups took place this year. The latest was Saturday, October 9, when a few hardy souls cleaned up the Overbrook Community Centre Park. Thanks to Tim Horton’s for the coffee and Timbits, and for the City for providing the cleanup supplies.

j) Communications: Wendy Dennys reported that her distribution tree is all set up and was in operation for its first delivery throughout Overbrook. It is hoped that our newsletter could become regular, be posted on our website, and delivered to homes through the distribution tree. Wendy is still looking for recruits for distribution, and will soon go knocking on doors on certain streets to bolster her volunteer staff. Peter MacFarlane noted that less than 20 years ago the City assisted financially with community newspapers, including Overbrook. A suggestion was made that our new Councillor, Peter Clark, may be willing to help out in some capacity.

k) President’s Report: This is attached, and includes the various issues we faced throughout the year, our ongoing challenges and recommendations. Sheila Perry also expressed her thanks and appreciation for residents, CCO volunteers, the Executive, City staff and Jacques Legendre. She welcomed Peter Clark (not present), who assumes his duties on December 1.

7. New Business:

a) Nominations Report and Elections: Secretary, Peter MacFarlane, indicated that he is stepping down from the Board, along with Chris Ellis, Nicolas DuPrey, Sandy Kilby and Jack Stalica.

The following Executive Board members offered to remain: President Sheila Perry, Vice President Joanne Lockyer, and Treasurer Micky Green.

The following Board Directors at Large offered to remain: Michel Baronette (Honorary member), Roy Hanna, and Constable Marc Daviault (Honorary member).

Peter identified the following CCO members have come forward to offer their services: Susan Giles as Secretary; Mary-Lou Cuillierier, Martine Joly, and Rob Wainwright as Directors at Large.

Peter asked if there were any nominations from the floor, and none came forward. As the current number of Directors meets our Constitutional requirements (7-12) he declared the nominations closed and thanked those that offered to volunteer as Directors. The list of Directors of the CCO for 2010-11, along with contact information is attached.

b) Next Board Meeting: It was decided by the new Board that they will meet on       . It will be held at the Community Police Centre, 252 McArthur. Meetings will be held on the           , unless posted otherwise. A list of our meeting dates will be posted on our website. (www.overbrook.ca)

c) Other: No other business was brought forward.

8. Next Annual General Meeting:

         This will be held in October or November, 2011, and the location will be our brand new Community Centre.

9. Adjournment:

Peter MacFarlane motioned “The AGM be closed.” This was seconded by Martine Joly, and passed. Sheila Perry thanked all present for their attendance and support. She declared the meeting closed at 9:12p.m.

Minutes October 21, 2010 – Unapproved

Community Council of Overbrook
Board Meeting, October 21, 2010
Unapproved Minutes

Ottawa Police Community Centre, 252 McArthur Avenue

ATTENDANCE: Executive Directors: President Sheila Perry; Vice-President Joanne Lockyer; Secretary Peter MacFarlane; Treasurer Micky Green;
Directors at large: Marc Daviault, Roy Hanna, Michelle Stephenson.
Members: Martine Joly, Denis Cech,Jim Hurd, Rosemarie MacFarlane, Anne Prowse, and Jean-Marie Leduc.
Non-voting members:

1. Joanne Lockyer opened the meeting at 7 p.m.

2. Joanne Lockyer motioned “The Agenda be followed as presented.” This was seconded by  Peter MacFarlane and carried.  

3. The Minutes of our meeting of 09.16.10 were reviewed. Roy Hanna motioned “The minutes of 09.16.10 be accepted as written.”  Martine Joly seconded, and the motion carried.

4. Business arising from these previous minutes:

         Micky Green has 2 outdated cheques from Chris Ellis for our website use ($183.75) and domain registration ($21.00) and noted that Chris made a donation to the CCO which more than covered these costs. He was seeking advice on how to proceed with these cheques, as well as how to deal with our website in the future. After some discussion, Micky offered to contact Chris, after the elections (Chris is running for a Trustee position), to see if new cheques could be issued. The website domain will be dealt with buy our new Board, and we must do so by January 31 or we could lose our domain name. It was noted that we still need a new webmaster and it was suggested that the local community colleges be approached for this.     ACTION:  ??

         It was also suggested that someone contact Chris Robinson, who expressed interest in promoting the CCO on the internet, to see if he would be interested in webmaster responsibilities. Sheila offered to pursue this contact, as well as another individual she had in mind that lives in the area and helped start up Ottawa Capital Freenet.                            ACTION: SHEILA PERRY

         The Fall Cleanup took place a week later than planned as the city’s materials were late in arriving.

         A few individuals and families cleaned up Overbrook Park and enjoyed some goodies from Tim Horton’s. Rosemarie MacFarlane has removed graffittii from several locations and mail boxes in the area. Thank you to all. Graffittii kits are available to anyone, and can be obtained from the Ottawa Police Community Centre at 252 McArthur Avenue. (very effective and easy to use)

         Our All Candidates’ Meeting was held on October 21. All 10 candidates reported, and there was a good public turnout.  A few Mayoral Candidates set up promotional tables. Joanne Lockyer was thanked for her organization of this event, along with the moderator Pat Ferris and his supporter Mary-Lou Cuillerier. Sheila Perry suggested a letter of thanks be sent to Pat and Mary-Lou, and Joanne offered to do this.                             ACTION: JOANNE LOCKYER

         A brief discussion ensued about our All Candidates’ meeting, and the one held by the Overbrook Forbes Community Resource Centre (OFCRC) which was sparsely attended. It was suggested that a link be set up early with the OFCRC to pool our resources for the next  municipal election. Peter MacFarlane noted that no one from the OFCRC sits on our CCO Board and that our Board meeting minutes are not sent to the OFCRC. It was suggested they be invited to join our Board and minutes be sent to them regularly. Sheila Perry offered to approach the OFCRC and work on building the bridges and get a contact for the reception of our minutes.           ACTION: SHEILA PERRY

5. Reports:

     Safety: Constable Marc Daviault reported that some arrests have been made in relation to vehicle break ins, and is expecting these occurrences to decrease. Theft Prevention Notices are available from Marc to place on any cars you see unlocked/open.

With regard to 92 Drouin, By-Law enforcement has been there and the City has performed some maintenance items that the owner will be charged for. Several people raised the concern of potential damage to adjoining properties from pressurized water in this building if it is unheated and unmonitored – the result will be a pool of water/ice that may damage surrounding buildings. Marc offered to contact By-Law enforcement to see how the City might turn off the water main outside 92 Drouin.                                         ACTION: Marc Daviault

255 Donald – Work is ongoing getting information and improving communication. Rosemarie MacFarlane felt it of utmost importance to have their meetings at the Ottawa Police Community Centre, 252 McArthur.

Mr. Leduc (978 Francis) brought forward the matter of speeding cars on Francis Street and specifically in relation to the school at 998 Francis St.  The worst times were reported to be from 8-9 a.m. and again at pick up time, 3 – 4:30 p.m. Several individuals suggested enforcement and Constable Marc Daviault said that his request has already been put into the system and enforcement will take place. He felt that this should be effective as there is a good location for radar, and people who get caught for speeding will pass on the enforcement and speeding issue to other parents at the school. In the event this problem continues, Peter MacFarlane made the following suggestions: letters from Mr. Leduc and/or the CCO to the school indicating the problem and requesting their support in the interest of student and community safety; a sign could be erected on the school property indicating a low speed limit;  a speed limit reduction for Francis Street (school zone); the zoning could be checked to see if there are limits as to the number of vehicles permitted on the property.

         Development & Heritage:  Lepine development on Presland – Jim Hurd pointed out that until the CCO has developed Heritage & Development aims and policies, we are in a disadvantaged position of being reactive rather than proactive. With this in mind, the Board still needs to approve the Heritage & Development Committee Terms of Reference. He noted that in the Lepine development (over 300 units), there is a proposed significant change in zoning from institutional to residential, as well as a proposal to have direct access to the Vanier Parkway. Someone pointed out that there are specific and different definitions for the Vanier Parkway in the City’s planning documents. Sheila suggested a study group be formed to educate themselves on this project with the aim of making a presentation to the City’s Planning & Environment Committee, which is the best place for a chance at input and changes to the proposal. Roy pointed out that while the development process requires consultation meetings of the developer and the public, any meetings (there have been two to date) held before the application process begins, do not count as consultation, as per the City’s guidelines. Time is an important element here, in that the public is asked to comment on the Lepine plans by late November.

Roy Hanna motioned: “A group be formed to investigate with the City planner basic information regarding: a) process; b) zoning options; and c) relevant planning criteria with respect to the Group Lepine application for a rezoning of the Sisters of Visitation site. This group (Scott Richardson, Jim Hurd, Anne Prowse, Martine Joly, Roy Hanna, and perhaps others) will report back to the CCO Executive on or before November 1, by e-mail. Based on this group’s investigation, a decision will be taken by the CCO Board as to whether to have a meeting of Overbrook residents on this matter prior to the AGM of November 18, 2010.” This motion was seconded by Sheila Perry, and was carried.

The above meeting was tentatively scheduled for November 10, Overbrook Community Centre, as Michelle Stephenson indicated the gym was free, and suggestions were made to invite Lepine’s contact, Melanie ____ , to this meeting, and to have a notice of this meeting, along with a notice of our AGM, go out through Wendy Dennys’s mail tree. Joanne Lockyer offered to confirm the meeting date and venue.                                  ACTION: Joanne Lockyer

It was pointed out by Roy Hanna and agreed to by Sheila Perry that we are not receiving all the information, mailings, plans, applications from the City that we should be. This should be looked into.

Sheila also pointed out that the City offers free “Process Primer courses” which covers the planning process within the City. She encouraged anyone interested, especially those on the Heritage & Development Committee, to seriously consider this free course.

In the CCO’S mail was an Application for a Minor Variance. The property owner at 965 Beaudry wants to put up a detached single car garage to replace an existing carport, and was seeking relief of a reduced side yard setback of 0.3m from the required 1.2m. No one raised any objections, and since this Application sought a single and minor adjustment, along with the fact that the surrounding community had several single detached garages, it was decided to send a letter to the Committee of Adjustments that the CCO had no objections to the Application. Peter MacFarlane offered to do this. Jim Hurd requested how the Board would decide on these requests. Peter responded: that the CCO prefers to comment on generalities  of development rather than on a specific property;  previous history and experience; and does any development fit in with existing buildings.                                                        ACTION: Peter MacFarlane

St. Laurent Shopping Centre expansion: As plans progress, we were reminded to make sure the owners upheld their commitments made in earlier public meetings: install a proper crosswalk for Overbrook residents to access to the Centre; proper sidewalks along the entire road modifications; express bike lanes all along Coventry; noise attenuation steps for Overbrook properties which will now be receiving road noise resulting from the re-routing of Coventry. Joanne Lockyer offered to track these.

Joanne Lockyer mentioned that on September 29, a public meeting was held on the Pedestrian walkway/bikeway over the Queensway, and was sparsely attended. Some options were presented and the most reasonable one was one that was less direct, going from the train station northwest to the baseball stadium, over the Queensway and the off ramp to the Vanier Parkway. This north section will have two ramps, one towards the Canadian Tire store and the other will finish close to the main front entrance to the ballpark. The exact connection on the south side is yet to be determined (train station and transit system to be considered). These options can be viewed on the City’s website.

Sheila Perry mentioned that there remain several protests against the Lansdowne project – both concerning content and process, and this includes a legal challenge. She invited everyone to check into the related websites for more info and input.

Michelle Stephenson reported that all is progressing well with the Community Centre construction. All the programs will continue after the Centre is closed down at the end of November.

6. Other Business:

AGM: This is being held on Thursday, November 18. Registration/membership renewal will begin at 6:30, with the business meeting beginning at 7. Notice of this meeting must go out to members at least 14 days before the event. This will likely be done through Wendy Dennys and her mailing tree. It has already been posted on our website. EMC will also be contacted about advertising the AGM on their community noticeboard.                                  ACTION: Peter MacFarlane

Peter will advertise this event by setting out our sandwich boards around the community. He will provide copies of last year’s AGM minutes, our Constitution, and CCO membership forms. He will also be taking the minutes of the AGM.

Volunteers are needed for:          a website co-ordinator


                                                        membership renewal

                                                        the Board

Please contact Peter at (613) 744-0549 if you can help out .

The following Board members indicated they will remain on the Board: Mickey Green and Michelle Stephenson.  Peter & Rosemarie MacFarlane will be stepping down from the Board. Martine Joly has offered to serve on the Board. Peter and/or Sheila will be contacting current Board members not mentioned, to inquire as to their continued involvement. If anyone has an individual in mind for Board, Peter offered to contact these individuals for an invitation to join the Board. The CCO ‘s Board of Directors consists of 7-12 regular members, and four of these being Executive Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Sewers: Roy Hanna informed us that new sewers are being planned for King George (at least in the area east of the vanier Parkway).

Wall mural: Rosemarie MacFarlane reported that her recommendation of an artist and a mural on the side of Dumouchel Meat Market (Donald & Lola) has resulted in a contract to do a full mural on the east side of the building.

                                                                                    Peter MacFarlane 10.26.10