Infill Development that Fits

At our Overbrook Community Association meeting last Thursday, residents demonstrated how much they care about the future of our community. Attended by over 35 people, it was a dynamic and lively meeting.

“Is Overbrook a mature community?” was the question facing attendees. But why ask this question?

The short answer is that the City has implemented two sets of bylaws that govern infill development in Ottawa. One set, Infill II, applies to all communities within the Greenbelt (except Rockcliffe Park). The other set, Infill I, does not currently apply to Overbrook. The Infill I bylaws (or Mature Neighbourhood Bylaws) could apply to Overbrook, if the Community Association requests and is granted “mature neighbourhood status.”

City Planner Alain Miguelez (Program Manager for Zoning, Intensification and Neighbourhoods) explained that Infill I bylaws regulate the character of an area. Any new infill development project must match the character of the existing streetscape, determined by an analysis of the neighbouring front yards, parking arrangement and location of front doors.

The Infill II bylaws address the height and size of the building, plus the size of the back and side yards.

After many questions and comments from residents about these complicated infill rules, some participants expressed the desire to pursue “mature neighbourhood” status.

OCA President Rawlson King outlined the process to accomplish this, asking that anyone with an interest or comment on the subject either:

– attend the next OCA Planning & Development Committee meeting to be held on Tuesday, 13 October at 7:30 pm at the Overbrook Community Centre, and/or

– email their comments or questions to with “Mature Neighbourhood” in the subject line. All emails will be forwarded to the OCA’s Planning & Development Committee.

The Planning & Development Committee will then present their findings to the Board for discussion and action.