Overbrook’s Four Corners: “As We Heard It” Report from Councillor Nussbaum

In a report on feedback from residents about possible improvements to Overbrook’s Four Corners (intersection of Lola and Queen Mary Streets), Councillor Tobi Nussbaum said, “It was great to see such a clear consensus emerge around improving lighting, beautifying the streetscape through attractive furniture, green spaces, art, and greater community engagement in events and beautification projects.” Click on the following link for the full report: As We Heard It Report.

It was a fantastic day in the neighbourhood!

  • The sun shone!
  • The rain (mostly) stayed away!
  • Treasures were bought and sold!
  • Neighbours chatted with neighbours!
  • Cleanup crews scoured the parks and streets!
  • Councillor Tobi Nussbaum and David Gourlay of the Ottawa Champions visited the Centre!
  • Fun and laughter was in the air!

Could we ask for anything more for our Overbrook?