Overbrook 2011 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Because Overbrook matters…

For over 30 years, the Community Council of Overbrook has met regularly to consider matters of concern to residents … matters such as safety, development planning, reopening of back lanes, replacement of trees, etc. Every resident of Overbrook is considered a member, so come to the AGM, register, and help envision the future of our community.

Every voice counts …

 Community Council of Overbrook


7 pm
, Thursday, 17 November 2011 
 at the Overbrook Community Centre

33 Quill @ Queen Mary Street

AGM Minutes November 2010

Annual Report 2011 – Communications & Membership

Annual Report 2011 – Planning & Development

Annual Report 2011 – Traffic & Safety




Annual General Meeting – November 18, 2010

Community Council of Overbrook – Sheila Perry,   President’s Report

Annual General Meeting – November 18, 2010

We began the 2009-2010 year with a full CCO Board of Directors!

No shortage of issues:

        Proposed closing of Rideau H.S- successful resolution!

        Ottawa Police Centre – Welcome to Constable Marc Daviault, Sarg. M  Knowles ; farewell to Const. Fernando Vieira

        Baseball stadium – renewed interest after 2 years empty ..management and Ottawa Fat Cats

        “No community left behind” – OFCRC ongoing project with Armand Kayolo, Community Developer

         Crime Prevention Ottawa Budget Challenge – successful outcome and support

         Overbrook Community Centre – input from the community and courtyard artwork selection

         Pedestrian bridges – connection to VIA from Coventry Road (north/south) and east/west via Donald Street discussion

         FCA participation – over 34 associations

         Riverside Memorial Park – signage , fundraising and ongoing support

         Safety and community meeting Donald Street issues/ Graffiti management program/monitoring

         255 Donald & Tenants’ association formed – CCO representation

        Announcement of retirement of Jacques Legendre, Councillor

        Development Issues  ie.  140 Queen Mary/laneways/easements/ Lansdowne Park

        Environment –  spring/fall cleanup

         Communications and co-ordination of a delivery tree  – flyers

         127  Presland  Road(convent)and  Lepine development  meeting in May, 2010

         St. Laurent expansion proposal and input – City of Ottawa Planning and Environment

         Heritage & Planning/community planning meeting/Jim Hurd and group

        Overbrook Community Day – September 18 at the baseball stadium, 300 plus attended

        Hosting All candidates for Councillor meeting Ward 13 – October 20

Ongoing Challenges:

Community participation- on committees;, communications – improving with web, facebook, flyers and co-ordination; short and long term planning for Overbrook;  CCO positions ;  working with other associations, city staff and Councillor


        Safety – neighbourhood watch

        CCO Committees/ Executive – volunteer for these positions

        Communications – data base, media, newsletter


Thank You’s…

All residents in Overbrook, CCO volunteers, executive, City Staff

Special thanks to Jacques Legendre and best wishes – 19 years of commitment.

Welcome to Peter Clark, Councillor Elect who assumes duties December 1


Respectfully submitted,