Covid-19 Neighbourhood Update

What you’ll find inside:

  • RRCRC Food Bank Update
  • Library Update
  • Review of the financial help pledged by the federal government

RRCRC Food Bank Update

Library Update

“Did you know that the library has tons of things to read/do online or on your phone/tablet, for adults and children?

Just one example, for the benefit of Stephen, whom I know likes graphic novels :

  1. visit
  2. search for keywords ‘ graphic novels adult ‘
  3. voilà : about 160 results. And for children? Over 600.

(see example attached)

So much on offer online from organizations and businesses the world over… just don’t forget to take a walk outside from time to time! Spring will spring out soon, too!

Your librarian,

Vero Dupuis

Coordinator, St-Laurent library”

Federal support summary (announced yesterday)

  • A new Emergency Care Benefit that will apply to workers who do not qualify for Employment Insurance and who are in isolation, caring for a sick family member, and/or providing childcare. 
    • The benefit will provide a maximum of $450 per week for up to 15 weeks. 
    • Parents who are unable to work because they need to provide childcare due to school closures are eligible even if they do qualify for EI. 
  • A new Emergency Support Benefit for workers who are unemployed and who do not qualify for EI. 
  • An increase in the Canada Child Benefit with a top-up of up to $300 per child. 
  • An increase in the GST/HST Credit to low income Canadians with up to an additional $300 per adult and $150 per child. 
  • The federal government will waive the one-week waiting requirement for EI Sickness Benefits in cases of quarantine and waive the requirement to provide a medical certificate for EI Sickness Benefits. 
  • The tax filing deadline is deferred until June 1 and the requirement to pay any taxes owing is deferred until August 31. 
  • A new wage subsidy for small businesses (including charities and not-for-profits) that will cover up to 10% of payroll to encourage them to continue to pay wages. 
  • A six-month, interest-free moratorium on all Canada Student Loan payments. 
  • Increased flexibility for mortgage lenders to allow them to defer mortgage payments for up to six months.

Overbrook Covid-19 Update

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After opening the first Community Assessment Centre on Friday in Ottawa, Ottawa Public Health (OPH) has announced there are at least 13 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa. This number shows us that there are likely more travel-related cases that have gone on to cause local transmission of the virus in Ottawa. 

More importantly, OPH has stated the number of actual cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa could be higher than one thousand.

With this in mind, OPH has asked that all residents increase their practices of social distancing, and not go out for any non-essential reasons to reduce the spread of the virus. Social distancing includes, but is not limited to:

  • Talk to your supervisor, manager, or employer about the possibility of working from home where possible.
  • Avoid sending children to daycare, if you are able to.
  • Avoid visits to Long-Term Care Homes, Retirement Homes, Supportive Housing, Hospices and other congregate care settings unless the visit is absolutely essential.
  • Avoid non-essential trips in the community.
  • If you have to go into the community for an essential trip via taxi or rideshare, be sure to keep the windows down.
  • If possible, limit or consider cancelling group gatherings.
  • If you have meetings planned, consider doing them virtually instead of in person.
  • When possible, get fresh air outside but in settings where people can maintain a 1-2 metre (3-6 feet) distance from each other.

It takes all of us doing our part to limit the spread and the damage of COVID-19. While you may not feel sick, please be mindful of the members of our community who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 than others. We are all in this together.

If you can, donate to the Ottawa Food Bank, this is a period where the need is especially high

Overbrook Community Association (OCA) Update

  • All OCA events and meetings are cancelled until further notice
  • Our newspaper will be published at the end of March, we are looking for volunteers to help deliver them. If interested, please reach out to

Neighbourhood Update

  • Rideau Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre has suspended all of their operations and services due to the fact that one of their staff is ill and had been in contact with all of their other staff. They are currently working on an alternate solution to the currently unavailable food bank.
  • You can access the services of the Eastern Ottawa Community Resource Centre in the meantime –
  • The Overbrook Community Centre and the St Laurent Complex are closed until further notice

Humanity Update

City Update

Find regular updates from Ottawa Public Health and information about Ottawa’s assessment centre here :

Provincial and Federal Update

Service Canada has set up a SEPARATE phone line to contact them to set up EI claims for quarantine, illness, work closure, etc due to COVID-19.
They will not help you with anything else at this number.
Likewise, the main EI number cannot help you with COVID-19 claims.

The number is 1-833-381-2725.

There is over an hour average wait time to speak to someone at the main number, so please take some of the load off them and use the COVID-19 # if that is what you need to talk to them about.

They are waiving the 1 week waiting period for 2 week quarantines, so if you are affected, apply right away.

More information here :

Family Day Event, Provincial By-election Debate and more

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OCA announcements

Reminder : Join us on Monday, February 17th from 11am to 3pm for Family day activities at the Overbrook Community Centre, 33 Quill street

Join us on February 18th for an OCA sponsored debate for the provincial by-election. 815 St-Laurent from 7pm to 8:30pm.

Community Announcements

Invitation to Celebrate International Mother Language Day 2020 in Ottawa through the Lens of Intercultural & Intergenerational Dialogue

Can Ottawa be a role model in creating a society of Intercultural and Intergenerational harmony? 

We believe that Ottawa is ready to create a meaningful and flourishing society which can serve as a role model for the rest of the world.

On Saturday 22nd February 2020, we are committed to show how we, as a diverse but integrated group of Canadians, can make a positive impact in the lives of millions living in this age of unthinkable opportunities. We would like to show how the growing interconnectedness among us is shining a bright light toward a yet to be realized shared outcome; a goal is being created by the hearts and minds of caring and responsible individuals as we all work with our good intentions. 

On behalf of Pro-active Education for All Children’s Enrichment (PEACE) and Bangla Caravan, may we sincerely invite your participation so this goal can be revealed, a gem in the making by our combined efforts. At the end of our event, we are confident that this purposeful and fun exercise we are proposing will show us some answers to the question: what can we do to make us all win together?

      We suggest a Venn diagram approach to display our organizations’ interconnectedness to one another. We will discover exponentially more than we know now, and then we can consciously create pathways and partnerships to intensify our efforts, increase our efficiencies, and create an ocean of possibilities.

 Please note that the event will be taking place on Saturday February 22nd, 2020 from (3:00 to 8:00) pm at Rideau Community Hub (former Rideau High School) at 815 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa. For the details of the event, please refer to the attached postcard.

One Thousand Women: The state of housing and homelessness for women in our city.

Many women are often are not counted among homeless in Ottawa. Researchers in Ottawa have brought to our attention that many homeless women couch surf with friends for a week here and there with their kids in tow.  Uncounted and underserved until they have worn out their welcome.

On Thursday, March 5th at 6 pm, at Ashbury College, 362 Mariposa Ave, Cornerstone  will be hosting, along with Harmony House, and Interval House of Ottawa, a panel called One Thousand Women: The state of housing and homelessness for women in our city. 

CBC’s Rita Celli will moderate, plus Kaite Burkholder Harris will be our subject matter expert, as Co-Lead of Linking Leaders

One Thousand Women become homeless in Ottawa each year.

Right now, our city is experiencing a housing crisis and we have declared a housing emergency . We collectively need to discuss the issues of homelessness and lack of affordable and supportive housing – especially for women. 

We know from experience, that when you give a woman a safe, permanent home, they can heal and recover. With support and a fixed address, women can access help like counseling, mental health, drug and alcohol recovery, education and work services

Registration LInk

Ontario Gov : Consultation: developing a new Poverty Reduction Strategy for Ontario

The Ontario government is asking for feedback for their new Poverty Reduction Strategy. Deadline to participate is March 30th 2020.


Volunteer Opportunities – Newspaper Ad Manager and more

Our association is busy and taking on more projects, but we need your help! Contact us at if you can take on one of these roles.

OCA Newspaper – Connexions

  • Ad Manager
  • Newspaper Delivery Helpers
  • Newspaper Writer for articles (next deadline March 13th for April issue)

Humans of Overbrook (new project inspired by Humans of New York)

  • Post Writer

Social Media

  • Twitter Manager

Safety Committee

  • Project Lead – Gardening workshop connecting seniors and youth

Overbrook Family Day, OCA Fundraiser with the Ottawa 67’s and more

OCA Family Day event

Fundraiser for OCA with the Ottawa 67’s (click on image for link)

OCA supports Councillor McKenney’s call to declare a housing emergency in Ottawa (click on image for link)

Community Event – Bike Minds – tales of the bicycle

Picture a cyclist, and what do you see – a well-to-do downtowner riding a “fixie”, or a sporty suburbanite clad in Lycra? Look a little deeper though, and you may be surprised by what you find.

BIKE MINDS is a storytelling event where positive and inspiring bike-related stories are shared in front of a live audience from a diverse range of storytellers. Our mission is to change the way you think about people who ride bikes.

Since 2018, we’ve run nearly a dozen events in the Toronto area, where we’ve heard stories from a wide range of backgrounds, including newcomers, neighbours, civil servants, and community leaders, who’ve all had unique and powerful experiences related to cycling. Now in 2020, BIKE MINDS is officially launching in Ottawa!

Join us at the Mill St Brew Pub 555 Wellington  (on the Ottawa River MUP and just a 10 minute walk from Pimisi and Lyon O-Train stations) on Wednesday January 29th for this free exciting event launch!

6:30PM – Doors open, mix & mingle (cash bar)

7:00PM – Event startsLINEUP:
Paul Galipeau: adventure cyclist, route builder, one-man hype squad
Christina Bouchard: explorer, designer, planner and public institution builder
Shawn Smith: father, transportation engineer, nature-lover
Cécile Lecoq: French and Canadian, transit geek, cycling advocate
Linda Collette: Free Spirit, Self-propelled commuter, nature lover
+ More to be announced soon!

The bicycle supports the first steps of newcomers to the city, brings us closer to friends and family, and teaches us more about ourselves than we ever could have imagined. Whether you’re a casual rider, a passionate advocate, or simply a fan of great storytelling, we hope you’ll join us in celebration of all the bicycle has to offer, at this positive and inclusive event.