OverbrookMusicalLogo_WebA Musical Quilt

Our project provides a unique opportunity to bring diverse groups together in a common cause – one that will engage them and portray their voices, stories and cultures. In bringing people together, we intend to break isolation and help residents take back their community through arts creation.

We will co-create using story-telling around history, culture and heritage, and hold workshops involving acting, singing, dancing, costuming. For many, this may be their first exposure to arts creation. By co-creating an Overbrook musical where we celebrate everyone’s cultural background, we’ll promote understanding and appreciation of the various cultural ‘threads’ that make up the fabric of our wonderful neighborhood. By encouraging everyone to help create this musical (from script writing to song composing), we’ll be making a musical quilt; every piece of fabric unique and meaningful, and coming together to show something wonderfully cohesive.

Who is involved in this?

In October 2016, we put together a Project Team of Diewke de Haen, Wendy Dennys and Patrick Venier (supported by a number of consultants) who will be responsible for guiding the project. Early this year, we appointed three key members of our Creative Team: Eleanor Crowder, director;  Cleménce Roy-Darisse, scriptwriter, and Adam Reid, musical director.

Eleanor Crowder is an actor, a writer and a director who has worked professionally in Canadian theatre for four decades.  Her own devised and scripted work runs from first impulse in Family Stories with Kate Grier, to grand scale, with casts of 30 in The Chinese Bowl, GLEEbe, the Musical and Family in A Box.

For Bear & Co., Eleanor has directed Tis Pity She’s A Whore, an all-male Taming of the Shrew, The Glass Menagerie, The Tempest and Macbeth. For Salamander Theatre and Shakespeare Young Company, she has directed over 20 outdoor productions of Shakespeare. She was founding Artistic Director of Salamander Theatre from 1990 to 2001, winning a Tolgesy Award for her contribution to the arts in Ottawa in 2002.  She has taught at Concordia University and Algonquin College.  For 20 years, she led Salamander’s Shakespeare Camp, producing full-length productions outdoors with youth aged 10 through 18.

Clémence Roy-Darisse is a young artist passionate about words and theatre since the age of ten years. She is currently studying at the Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe theatre school for acting and taking drama classes to become a script writer. Her first play Profile will be played as part of the Carte Blanche at Espace René-Provost in the 2017-2018 season. For Clémence, theatre exists to be engaged and to relay social messages. She fundamentally believes in the benefit of the arts to change society, transform it and question it. Her passion is also Community Theatre because she tries to mirror a community, and in so doing gives voice and power. In the Overbrook project, the writing of the script will be strongly inspired by actors from the community itself, representing the diversity and the real and relevant issues of the community in question. Her mandate is simply to write to give them the floor.

Adam Reid completed both a Bachelor of Music and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Ottawa. As a former member of the Opera Lyra Chorus, the Ewashko Singers, the NAC Pops Chorus and the Calixa Lavallée Chamber Choir, Adam has acquired an impressive singing background. He is also active in musical theatre as an actor, pit band musician and music director. While at University of Ottawa, he studied Choral Conducting with Laurence Ewashko and Orchestral Conducting with David Currie.

A distinguished educator, Adam is currently teaching musical theatre with Ottawa Children’s Theatre and Stagecraft. He has spent many years teaching private piano, voice, guitar and drum lessons, and is the former choir director and organist for two rural choirs in Lanark and Balderson, Ontario. He is frequently seen working as a substitute accompanist/coach for Ottawa choirs, theatre companies and private music programs.

Who are our Community Partners?

Many partners are involved and we are reaching out to as many cultural, religious, social and business partners as the neighbourhood affords.


What is the timing for production of the Musical?

The following timeline is subject to change and revision because this project is a co-creation driven by the people who get involved, the funding received and the availability of key players.

  • Story-gathering – January to June 2017
  • Gathering the Cast (auditions) – April 2017
  • Cast Workshops – June and July 2017
  • Song-writing workshops – July and August 2017
  • Rehearsals – September to November 2017
  • Production – late November 2017

Ways to Get Involved

Production Manager Management & technical abilities July-November
Stage Manager People skills, organized September-November
Lead roles Drama, theatre, sing, dance Workshops June-July;

Rehearsals October-November

Supporting roles Act or sing or dance Rehearsals October-November
Extras Love to dress up! November
Narrator Strong speaking voice October-November
Script writing (workshops) Write, edit, creative June-July
Song writing (workshops) Musical, creative June-July
Lyricists, poets Creative writing June-July
Fundraising/sponsorships Salesperson, extrovert April-September
Flyer/poster distribution Love to walk and staple! May-November
Musicians (workshops) Play an instrument June-August
Set design Artistic, drafting September-November
Props Manager Creative hunter/shopper September-November
Costumes (workshops) Sew, design, construct September-November
Make-up (workshops) Creative September
Hair styling Hairdresser September-November
Set construction Woodworking November
Set painting Artistic November
Lighting Technical November
Technical Computer, technical skills November
Backstage crew Organized, strong November
Dressers (for actors) Organized November
Front of House Manager Co-ordinator September-November
Program design, layout Graphic design November
Ticket master Co-ordinator September-November
Ushers Loves people! November

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