The Community Council of Overbrook was founded in the 1970s in response to the City of Ottawa’s plan to develop the old railway bed dissecting the community into an arterial road (now the Vanier Parkway).  The council mobilized residents by organizing block meetings and ultimately producing a document called the Overbrook Neighbourhood Study.

The work of the community association has continued in varying degrees since the advent of the Vanier Parkway, addressing numerous issues; including: opposing the installation of an incinerator, banning trucks on the Parkway, renovation and expansion of the Overbrook Community Centre and replacement of diseased trees.

The name of organization was changed in 2010 to the Overbrook Community Association, prior to the group incorporating as a non-profit organization.  This step was taken with the aim of providing long-term stability and funding opportunities for the Association.


Overbrook began as a “police village” in the Township of Gloucester.  When the subdivision was created in 1911, it was bounded by Queen Mary, Prince Albert and King George Streets and included lane ways. The area was annexed by the City of Ottawa in 1950.