Digital Communications

Digital Communications Committee

Chair and Board Liaison : Marjolaine Provost,

We are a group of community members focused on helping the Association communicate efficiently all of its activities and outreach initiatives to the residents. We also strive to be a conduit for residents to share relevant Overbrook info and stories.

Our group manages the OCA website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and designs posters and literature. 

We are always looking for new members who want to use their talents to better their community. We need a website manager, as well as account managers for Facebook and Twitter. 

OCA also has a newspaper, Connexions, and we are always looking for input and stories for the newspaper. Contact us at info@overbrook if you want to submit a piece. 


⁃ Launch a new OCA website by the end of 2020 (efforts are underway)

⁃ Sharing relevant and informative content and increase followers on all our social media accounts

⁃ Find new and engaging ways to communicate OCA’s efforts to residents

Follow us on our platforms and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have suggestions or want to get involved! 

Instagram: @613humansofOverbrook

Facebook: @OverbrookCommunityAssociation

Twitter: @OverbrookCA