Transit, Transport & Public Safety

Chair: Rawlson King


Committee Members: Rawlson King, Shay Purdy


The Transit, Transport & Public Safety committee strives to promote and improve safe, active transportation options for Overbrook’s residents of all ages and abilities, within our neighbourhood and to other parts of the city, along with promoting public saefty.

The Transit, Transport & Public Safety committee focused on three specific areas:

  1. To improve public safety for Overbrook’s residents;
  2. To improve cycling and pedestrian links to neighbouring communities; and
  3. To maintain involvement in city-wide transportation issues, and represent the interests of Overbrook residents in consultations on these issues.

The committee’s specific areas of responsibility include engagement, advocacy and promotion.  The committee engages with the City of Ottawa, specifically the Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward 13 Councillor, to keep abreast of transportation and public safety issues that affect Overbrook.

The committee advocates for active transportation, public transit, traffic calming measures, infrastructure improvements and for safe and proper maintenance of pathways.  The committee also promotes the use of healthy, sustainable, safe and enjoyable modes of active transportation, along with improvement of public safety and policing measures.