Our community newspaper on its way to your door!

But not everyone will get one! Five volunteers needed to complete the job on Donald, Telford, Alesther, Wolffdale and Straby/Sirois.

Take a pleasant half-hour walk and help your community!

Pick up a bundle at the Overbrook Community Centre. Instructions are included.

Thanks for your help!


Nouvelles d’Overbrook News coming to your mailbox soon!

Dear Overbrook neighbours,

We are excited about our September issue. Four pages have been added to introduce you to the Federal candidates running for election in our riding.

We have a wonderful crew who deliver the paper to you. Won’t you join them and deliver to your street? We can always do with more volunteers!

Please email Wendy at info@overbrook.ca if you can help.

Wendy Dennys, Co-editor

Nouvelles d’Overbrook News