Bulletin – 12 November / 12 novembre

In this bulletin:
> OCA Safety Committee meeting Thursday, November 14
> Councillor’s November Newsletter for Rideau-Rockcliffe
> National Child Day, November 20
> Community Acting Together, November 22 /
Une Communauté agissant ensemble, le 22 novembre
> University of Ottawa Choir Concert, December 1 / Concert de la Chorale de l’Université d’Ottawa, le 1er décembre
> Crime Prevention Ottawa Speaker Series, December 6 / La série de conférences de la Prévention du crime Ottawa, le 6 décembre

OCA Safety Committee Meeting, November 14

The Safety Committee’s next meeting is coming up on Thursday at 7 pm at the Overbrook Community Centre (33 Quill St). All residents welcome to come out, learn more about promising developments for the neighbourhood, share ideas and get involved in working for a safer Overbrook! #weareoverbrook

Councillor’s November Newsletter for Rideau-Rockcliffe

Councillor Rawlson King has released his newsletter for November 2019. It includes information on new affordable housing approved for Ward 13 along with new public safety programs and community policing in Overbrook. Click on the following link to read the newsletter: Ward 13 Newsletter.

National Child Day, November 20

Children First Canada invites you to join them to celebrate National Child Day!

This year National Child Day marks a special milestone: the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child! On the heels of a federal election, Canada will also have a new government in place, making it a timely occasion to discuss the urgent, unfinished business of children’s rights in Canada. 

For more information, go to Children First Canada’s website at: https://www.childrenfirstcanada.com/events.

Community Acting Together, November 22, 1 pm, Overbrook Community Centre / Une Communauté agissant ensemble, le 22 novembre, Centre communautaire Overbrook

University of Ottawa Choir Concert, December 1 / Concert de la Chorale de l’Université d’Ottawa, 1er décembre

From the Montreal Massacre to the Incel Movement: Exploring the current gender-based threat of violence / Du massacre de Montréal au mouvement « Incel » : Explorer la menace de violence actuelle fondée sur le sexe

In honour of the women who died 30 years ago at the Ecole Polytechnique, and to raise awareness of a possible threat of mass violence against women, Crime Prevention Ottawa, Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women and United for All are hosting a panel discussion focusing on the “Involuntary Celebate” or “Incel” movement.  The event will take place on Friday, December 6, 2019 from 9am to 11:30 am at Ben Franklin Place (101 Centrepoint Drive). For more information: https://www.crimepreventionottawa.ca/event/from-the-montreal-massacre-to-the-incel-movement-exploring-the-current-gender-based-threat-of-violence/

En l’honneur des femmes décédées à l’École polytechnique il y a 30 ans et pour sensibiliser le public à une menace potentielle de violence de masse à l’égard des femmes, Prévention du crime Ottawa, Coalition d’Ottawa contre la violence faite aux femmes et United for All organisent une table ronde sur le mouvement « Célibat involontaire » ou « Incel ». L’événement aura lieu le vendredi 6 décembre 2019 de 9 h à 11 h 30 à la Place-Ben-Franklin (101, promenade Centrepointe). Pour plus de renseignements: https://www.crimepreventionottawa.ca/fr/event/du-massacre-de-montreal-au-mouvement-incel-explorer-la-menace-de-violence-actuelle-fondee-sur-le-sexe/.

Bulletin – 30 October/octobre 2019

In this bulletin:
> Your voice matters – take the neighbourhood policing survey!
> Councillor King: upcoming events / événements à venir
> Ottawa Food Bank Town Hall: Poverty Reduction
> Nominate an outstanding woman / Nommer une femme exceptionelle

Neighbourhood Policing in Overbrook SURVEY: How can community police better serve Overbrook? Comment la police peut-elle mieux servir Overbrook? Take the survey by clicking on the poster below. Tell your friends about it! The link can also be found on the right-hand side of our home page (overbrook.ca)!

Councillor King: Upcoming events / événements à venir : BudgetSpeak 2020, November 5; Rockcliffe Park Public School Book Fair, November 1-3; St Bartholomew’s Annual Bazaar and Tea Room, November 2; Seniors: Navigating Next Steps, November 4 / ParlonsBudget 2020, 5 novembre; Salon du livre de l’école publique Rockcliffe Park, du 1er au 3 novembre; Salon du livre de l’école publique Rockcliffe Park, 2 novembre; Aînés: Naviguer les prochaines étapes, 4 novembre

For more information / pour plus de renseignements : https://overbrook.ca/upcoming-events-budgetspeak-and-more-evenements-a-venir-parlonsbudget-et-plus/

Town Hall: Poverty Reduction Strategies and Food Security: The Ottawa Food Bank will be hosting a Town Hall on Wednesday, November 13th, featuring a panel of experts speaking about the need for a poverty reduction strategy in Ottawa.

Ottawa has not had a poverty reduction strategy in over a decade, and since the City is currently undergoing strategic planning, we look to make this a priority now.

The goal for this Town Hall is to discuss the need for a strategy, how to bring a strategy forward for the city, what should be included in a Poverty Reduction Strategy, and how it can be used to reduce food insecurity in Ottawa.

For more information and to register: https://www.ottawafoodbank.ca/event/town-hall-poverty-reduction-strategies-and-food-security/.

Femmes remarquables Ottawa Distinguished Women: Call for Nominations of outstanding women / Appel de mises en candidatures des femmes exceptionnelles : https://overbrook.ca/nominate-outstanding-women-nommez-des-femmes-exceptionnelles/

Rideau-Rockcliffe : July newsletter / infolettre pour juillet

For City Council and Ward 13 news and events, click on the following link to Councillor Rawlson King’s July newsletter: https://www.rideau-rockcliffe.ca/july_2019_newsletter.

Lisez des nouvelles à propos de la ville et de notre quartier au lien suivant à l’infolettre de juillet de conseiller Rawlson King : https://fr.rideau-rockcliffe.ca/infolettre_pour_rideau_rockcliffe_juillet_2019.