Make a video! Réalise une vidéo!

A unique project is underway, where teens and one of their parents will be trained by professional filmmakers. See the poster below. More details will follow…/ Un projet unique en son genre est en cours, où des adolescents  et l’un de leurs parents seront formés par des cinéastes professionnels. Veuillez trouver ci-dessous l’affiche.  De plus amples renseignements suivront…
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Ward 13 Community Associations interview by-election candidates

The Community Association Presidents from Manor Park, New Edinburgh, Lindenlea, Overbrook (VP Heather Amys replaced the President)), Rockcliffe Park and Cardinal Glen have met with candidates in the by-election for the Councillor for Rideau – Rockcliffe Ward.

The purpose of the  interviews is to help our residents understand who the candidates are, what drives them to run, and what skills they bring to the table.  There is no intent to endorse or support any of the candidates. Rather, the intent is to provide information to our Association residents so they can make more informed choices among the candidates. Continue reading

Take the City of Ottawa survey on the new Official Plan / Répondez au sondage de la ville d’Ottawa à propos du nouveau Plan officiel

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Ottawa – The City of Ottawa long-term goal is for Ottawa to grow into the most liveable mid-sized city in North America, and we need your insight to make this happen. We are collaborating with residents from across the entire city to gather public input on the key issues facing Ottawa today. Continue reading

City of Ottawa Open House MONDAY: Planning for the Future / Réunion portes ouvertes de la ville d’Ottawa LE LUNDI : le plan sur l’avenir

The City of Ottawa invites residents to the launch of the project to develop the new Official Plan. The Official Plan is the strategic document that guides our city’s growth and development, and it will impact how and where the city will grow around us, now and for years to come. /  La Ville d’Ottawa invite les résidents au lancement du projet de nouveau Plan officiel. Ce document stratégique oriente la croissance de notre ville : il prévoit où et comment elle se développera, aujourd’hui et dans les années à venir.  Continue reading

Take the City of Ottawa road safety survey / Répondez au sondage de la ville d’Ottawa à propos de la sécurité routière

La ville d’Ottawa cherche à connaître l’opinion des résidents à propos de la sécurité routière, et plus précisement ce qu’ils pensent être les questions les plus importantes. /  The City of Ottawa is seeking the insight and opinions of residents concerning road safety, and specifically what citizens believe are the most important issues. Continue reading