Vision & Values

Vision & Mission Statements with Supporting Core Values


Co-creating a vibrant, caring community in which our environment and everyone in it matters.


The Overbrook Community Association is a volunteer group that is supported financially on a small budget from membership fees, fundraising events, and project grants. We serve the community, working collaboratively to create a safe place where people care about each other and enjoy beautiful surroundings.

We encourage community engagement by providing welcoming opportunities for all residents to voice their interests and concerns; organize events; participate in projects related to: membership; environment, preserving heritage and parks; fundraising; communication, planning and development; social events; traffic and safety; and arts and culture. We invite all residents to use their gifts and actively promote social inclusion.

We collaborate on decision-making; work with other groups and communities; ensure that the voice of Overbrook is heard in municipal government; foster connection through our community newspaper, website and emails; reach out to businesses in the hope of creating a Business Improvement Association.


The values that shape our actions as an Association are respect, inclucivity, collaboration, integrity, diversity, safety, and sustainability.

We are committed to mutual RESPECT by recognizing and valuing each person; listening deeply so that we learn from one another; treating each other as we would like to be treated, and creating a friendly environment in which we can all benefit from our collective wisdom.

Asking: ‘Can we assume best intent and treat each other respectfully, especially when we differ?’

We INCLUDE EVERYONE by reaching out, being open and accessible, by welcoming and accepting different points of view and ways of living; keeping channels of communication open; ensuring that social injustices are considered; and ensuring that we address any physical or safety barriers to our coming together.

Asking:  ‘Has anyone been left behind by the way we are doing this project, or having this discussion?’

We COLLABORATE by working with others; trusting that with mutual respect we can find common ground in our good intentions; freeing our creativity and sparking many ideas about how to build a community that we all want to live in together.

Asking: ‘Who else might be interested in co-creating this project?’

We work with INTEGRITY by being honest, trustworthy, transparent and accountable to our community and to each other. We speak clearly, keep accurate records, and share any information with the community that is not confidential.

Asking: ‘Can we address issues directly and respectfully so that there are no hidden agendas?

We welcome DIVERSITY of all kinds by getting to know one another; creating space for dialogue and mutual learning based on respect for differences.

Asking: ‘Can we imagine how our differences can come together to create something richer than we each started with?’

We work SUSTAINABLY and for sustainability by taking care of ourselves so we can take care of our community; developing guidelines about how we can work well together; and living and creating community projects that recognize that we are the environment.

Asking: ‘Can we see that taking care of our environment is taking care of ourselves and future generations?

We promote SAFETY by supporting community work that addresses some of the conditions that contribute to a lack of safety (i.e. mental illness; addictions; unemployment; housing shortages; poverty; marginalization; physical surroundings).

Asking: ‘Is concern for safety a barrier for community members to come together and how can this be addressed?’

Compiled by M. Parker, 27 November  2012 for OCA Board

Accepted by motion of the Board, 17 January 2013