Covid-19 Neighbourhood Update

What you’ll find inside:

  • RRCRC Food Bank Update
  • Library Update
  • Review of the financial help pledged by the federal government

RRCRC Food Bank Update

Library Update

“Did you know that the library has tons of things to read/do online or on your phone/tablet, for adults and children?

Just one example, for the benefit of Stephen, whom I know likes graphic novels :

  1. visit
  2. search for keywords ‘ graphic novels adult ‘
  3. voilà : about 160 results. And for children? Over 600.

(see example attached)

So much on offer online from organizations and businesses the world over… just don’t forget to take a walk outside from time to time! Spring will spring out soon, too!

Your librarian,

Vero Dupuis

Coordinator, St-Laurent library”

Federal support summary (announced yesterday)

  • A new Emergency Care Benefit that will apply to workers who do not qualify for Employment Insurance and who are in isolation, caring for a sick family member, and/or providing childcare. 
    • The benefit will provide a maximum of $450 per week for up to 15 weeks. 
    • Parents who are unable to work because they need to provide childcare due to school closures are eligible even if they do qualify for EI. 
  • A new Emergency Support Benefit for workers who are unemployed and who do not qualify for EI. 
  • An increase in the Canada Child Benefit with a top-up of up to $300 per child. 
  • An increase in the GST/HST Credit to low income Canadians with up to an additional $300 per adult and $150 per child. 
  • The federal government will waive the one-week waiting requirement for EI Sickness Benefits in cases of quarantine and waive the requirement to provide a medical certificate for EI Sickness Benefits. 
  • The tax filing deadline is deferred until June 1 and the requirement to pay any taxes owing is deferred until August 31. 
  • A new wage subsidy for small businesses (including charities and not-for-profits) that will cover up to 10% of payroll to encourage them to continue to pay wages. 
  • A six-month, interest-free moratorium on all Canada Student Loan payments. 
  • Increased flexibility for mortgage lenders to allow them to defer mortgage payments for up to six months.