Questions to Councillor Candidates, September 27, 2018

The OCA posed 13 questions about issues of concern to Overbrook residents to Councillor candidates Tobi Nussbaum and Peter Heyck at the September 27 Candidates’ meeting.

You can contact the candidates directly for answers to the questions OCA asked (below) or to any other questions you might have:

Peter Heyck
Tobi Nussbaum

Questions to Councillor Candidates

1. What is your commitment to improving cycling infrastructure for Overbrook? At present, there is no easy way for cyclists from Overbrook to get to and from the St-Laurent transit station. What would you do to make safe and convenient connections and have them in place when the LRT Station opens – for cyclists and, as well, for pedestrians when the shopping centre is closed in the evening?

2. What will you do as Councillor to bring City financial resources to the community hub initiative at the former Rideau High School and help ensure that it includes a variety of community services that support our diverse community?

3. Our community’s English public high school is 45 minutes away, and also serves children from as far away as Navan. Is this situation acceptable to you and if not, what will you do about it?

4. The incidence of gun violence in our city is alarming. Overbrook is apparently the third ranked area for gun related incidents and our residents do not like it. Would you support a call to ban handguns and semi-automatic weapons given that Montreal and Toronto have called for the federal government to take action?

5. Overbrook is one of many communities suffering from increasing problems with rats disrupted by pervasive construction activity. What will you do to help this situation?

6. According to the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study, a relatively high proportion – 39% – of Overbrook’s seniors live alone. Yet there are few neighbourhood services to help keep them safe and connected to their community. What can you do as Councillor to help Overbrook become more senior-friendly and enable residents to stay in their own homes as they age or at least stay in their own neighbourhood?

7. Overbrook is feeling the increased impacts from commuter traffic cutting through our community. Describe how you would reduce the impact of increased commuter traffic without cutting access for all the residents within our community.

8. Currently, public transit is far from optimal for Overbrook. What improvements would you help with to improve the lack of stops along the new 19 route?

9. The R4 Zoning Review may have potentially significant impacts on parts of Overbrook by loosening the restraints of certain R4 zone provisions. A revised R4 zone could open the door to more residential intensification within the need for minor variances or rezonings. What would you do to ensure that this process does not lead to unwanted impacts of inappropriate infill development in Overbrook?

10. The City’s “Neighbourhood Revitalization Plan” for Overbrook includes a project to beautify the Lola – Queen Mary intersection and help the local shops and services there. Little has been done to date. Would you throw your weight behind this project to bring local merchants on board and make sure it succeeds?

11. Please describe your vision for affordable housing in Overbrook.

12. Overbrook was among the hardest hit communities by the emerald ash borer, and our trees continue to be damaged by other natural blights, as well as by road salts and snowplows. The Tree Canopy Bylaw is under review now. Can you describe our community’s opportunity for public input into the process as well as any other anticipated outcomes from this process?

13. Neighbourhood and city plans seem to be ignored in favour of intensification and development. What is your vision for Overbrook?