AlivEducation 2018 Math Summer Camp

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AlivEducation’s innovative Math Summer Camp 2018 is committed to engaging your children from grades 3 to 10 in math learning through motivational techniques with TenacityCritical Thinking & Problem Solving Exercises.

The organization’s team of certified and experienced math teachers believes that every student can enjoy learning while can show them the secret of excelling in math. They are confident that through the Persistency, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Exercises that its offer, your children’s math summer learning loss up to 30% can be compensated over the summer.

Please call AlivEducation at 613-882-8498 or email to for more information. The camp will be offered to the children at an affordable price. You can also take the advantage of 10 scholarships for the Math Summer Camp 2018 that AlivEducation are offering this year.