Overbrook the Musical now has a cast!

The auditions last Sunday were a huge success! Over 30 people from the age of 7 to 72, speaking seven different languages, came to sing and show us their talent.

And what talent it was!  “Everyone can sing! We can work with them all in the musical,” enthused Eleanor Crowder, director.

But it’s not too late to join the cast and take part in this production! Send your name, contact information and a short video clip of you singing a song to info@overbrook.ca. We will get back to you with more information.

Eleanor was assisted at the auditions by Clémence Roy-Darisse, script-writer, who will now work with the cast in workshops that will build acting skills through improv, create bonds between core cast members and get a sense of the values and subjects important to the community.

We will also be organizing a song-writing workshop in the summertime. More information will be posted when the details are finalized.

For more information and photos, go to the Overbrook the Musical page by clicking on the logo at the right.