Light Rail Update

Light Rail constructionBy: Mayor Jim Watson

While the snow melts and days get longer, another busy construction season is set to begin. While we can expect some delays, crews will be hard at work improving how quickly and comfortably residents move around our city.

Luckily, crews working on the Confederation Line Light Rail have been hard at work throughout the winter. The Confederation Line project continues on-time and on-budget and I am excited to update you on several significant milestones.

  • Phase 1 – will be up and running in 2018
  • 2016 will see the final section of tunnel running between Rideau and Parliament stations excavated.
  • Excavation of the Lyon Station was recently completed, while Parliament is over 90% complete and Rideau soon to reach 80%.
  • More than 3.5 kilometres of track have been installed to date.
  • All 13 LRT stations will be under construction before the end of 2016.
  • Testing on some of the world-class Alstom CITADIS Spirit LRT vehicles will begin within the next year.

As many of you know, this is just the first phase of the system we will be constructing over the next decade. The next chapter of light rail is just around the corner: Stage 2 of LRT.

When Stage 2 is complete in 2023, residents will be able to catch a train as far west as Bayshore and Algonquin College, as far east as Place d’Orleans, and as far south as Riverside South. This will bring close to 70 percent of the city’s population within five kilometres of rail. This will fundamentally transform the way our city moves and grows.

Bringing light rail to Ottawa will be the single largest infrastructure project since Colonel By built the Rideau Canal. With a project of this size and scope, some disruptions are unavoidable for commuters.

To ensure the fewest disruptions to your commute as possible, I encourage you to access construction and traffic management information by:

  • Visiting the City of Ottawa’s interactive traffic map at
  • Calling 3-1-1
  • Following the City of Ottawa’s Traffic Twitter feed @Ottawa_Traffic
  • Signing up to receive regular e-mail updates at

For those who make use of Ottawa’s extensive multi-use pathway network, all efforts will be made to ensure access is maintained during construction, where safety permits. Detours will be provided where necessary.

Thank you for your patience as the O-Train Confederation Line continues to grow into reality. The way our city moves and grows will benefit our economy, our environment, and our families for generations to come.