OCA launches its 2016 fundraising campaign

We love Overbrook logo w border

Help us help the community we love!

Donate by

– clicking on the GoFundMe icon, or

– mailing or delivering a cheque made out to

Overbrook Community Association,

33 Quill Street, Ottawa, ON, K1K 4E7

The Overbrook Community Association and its committees work to keep our unique and diverse community a safe and enjoyable place for all residents, young and old.


  • organize spring and fall cleanups
  • push for park upgrades and tree plantings
  • manage community gardens
  • monitor development to ensure suitability to the neighbourhood
  • partner to organize community events (Family Day, Overbrook Day)
  • promote safe, active transportation
  • identify and preserve our buildings and celebrate our heritage
  • guide the process of closure of our century old ten-foot wide untraveled network of lanes
  • publish and distribute Nouvelles d’Overbrook News.

Some of the above activities are funded occasionally by event or project grants. We do not charge membership fees since we consider every community resident an OCA member. As a result, we rely solely on fundraising for our operating expenses.


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