Saturday, January 23, 2016, 10:30 am Annual Family Winter Bike Parade starting at City Hall

Citizens for Safe Cycling flyer

Get your bikes in shape. We are gearing up for the 5th annual family winter bike parade in Ottawa. Started in 2012 to cycle the then-brand-new Laurier bike lane, the parade was so well received that we decided to organize it again. And again. And again. In the following years, we explored different areas around City Hall, such as Centretown, Sandy Hill and the Glebe.
Everyone can participate
The parade is designed so that everyone can participate; you’ll even see the odd cargo bike and bike trailer. The focus is on being social. Proving a point that you can actually cycle in winter is a bonus. Interestingly, we never had to cancel for snow or bad road conditions.
We’ ll continue the tradition of starting and finishing at City Hall.
Date and Time
Saturday, January 23, 10:30 am. Please meet in the south lobby (near the Lisgar Street entrance) of City Hall or just outside if the weather is warmer, departing for a 4-5 km ride at 10:45 am, followed by a discussion in the Councillors’ lounge over coffee, hot chocolate, and snacks. Dress warmly for parade pace (ie 10 k/hr), and ride safely.
We’re pleased to again be joined by Councillors McKenney, Leiper, and perhaps other councillors! Hope to see you all there. Keep an eye on our website for updates:
What to expect
Watch a few impressions from last year here or watch the 2 minute video of the 2015 parade here.
About Citizens for Safe Cycling
Citizens for Safe Cycling is Ottawa’s Bike Advocacy Group since 1984. Winner of many awards and known for our cooperative and inclusive spirit, we have worked with councillors, City of Ottawa and NCC staff, provincial and federal MPs to improve cycling conditions in the Nation’s Capital. We organize events, write our annual Report on Cycling and recommend solutions through our highly valued Advocacy Working Group.
Citizens for Safe Cycling is based on volunteer work; there is no paid staff. Causeway Work Centre provides us with meeting space for board meetings and our Advocacy Working Group.We are not funded by grants; funding comes from our members, donations, sale of merchandise and the RBC Bluesfest Bike Parking donations. We use your money to pay for insurance, web hosting, support of small projects, phone, mailbox and storage cost, etc. Show us your appreciation by:

Stay in touch!
Twitter: @Bike Ottawa (use the #ottbike hashtag too)
Facebook: Bike Ottawa
YouTube: Bike Ottawa


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