OCA Meeting Dates for 2012-2013



OCA Meeting Dates – 2012-2013


All meetings are open to residents. Board meetings will focus primarily on OCA business, while Association meetings will address topics of general interest, with speakers or round table discussions.


Unless otherwise notified, all meetings are held at 7 pm at the Overbrook Community Centre, 33 Quill.


November 29, 2012                      Board Meeting


January 17, 2013                           Board Meeting


February 21, 2013                         Association Meeting


March 21, 2013                              Board Meeting


April 18, 2013                                 Association Meeting


May 16, 2013                                 Board Meeting


June 20, 2013                                 Association Meeting


July 18, 2013                                   Board Meeting


September 19, 2013                      Association Meeting


October 17, 2013                          Board Meeting


November 21, 2013                      Annual General Meeting


One thought on “OCA Meeting Dates for 2012-2013

  1. Stephen McNamee January 21, 2013 / 6:44 pm

    Why was OCA’s Jan. 17 meeting “in camera”? I can understand that there may arise, from time to time, let’s call them “sensitive issues” which may require confidential (as distinct from “open”) consideration by OCA’s Executive or Board. Such occasions may call for a special,unscheduled and closed Board meeting where Directors can discuss the issue among themselves without the matter of their discussion becoming common or public knowledge. Or, in the course of a regular meeting, there may be a justified need for Board to “recess” for a short time to another room, to discuss such an issue in private. But Board should always be judicious and sparing in identifying such issues.
    In any case, declaring a regular monthly meeting “in camera” in its entirety would seem to be unnecessary and unjustified.
    In respect of OCA’s January meeting: I would urge Board to post minutes as usual, omitting only that item which Board may deem too sensitive for disclosure to the membership at large.
    In my view, that’s how democratic organizations normally do business: I would appreciate some assurances in this regard. On the other hand, if Board holds a different view, I would ask to be so informed.
    Steve McNamee


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