OCA recommends resident comment immediately regarding Lepine Project’s proposed site plans for 127 and 145 Presland Road

Note: The plans are uploaded to http://www.ottawa.ca/devapps

Site Location:

The site, municipally known as 127 Presland Road, is located east of the Vanier Parkway, north-west of Coventry Road, and south of Prince Albert Street

Description of Site and Surroundings:

The property has a total area of 11,922 square metres and is located on the north side of Presland Road in the Overbrook Community. The site is currently occupied by two institutional buildings and is surrounded by a mixture of uses, including low-density residential immediately to the north and south, low and medium density residential to the east and west, a Hampton Inn and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police building further to the south.

The site is designated ‘General Urban Area’ pursuant to the City of Ottawa Official Plan and is zoned ‘Residential Fifth Density, Subzone B, Exception 1829, Schedule 266’ (R5B [1829] S266), which permits mid- to high-rise apartment developments with a maximum height of 51 metres, and introduces site-specific performance standards that decrease the minimum required parking garage aisle width from 6.7 metres to 6.1 metres and permits a maximum of 299 dwelling units.

Purpose and Details of Site Plan Control Proposal:

The proposal consists of a high-rise residential building with a maximum height of 15 stories (51 metres). There are 298 residential units proposed with a mixture of exterior balconies and terraces. A pool, fitness room, and reception area will be located on the main floor. Vehicular access will not be available from Presland Road, but will be provided via a new signalized access from the Vanier Parkway into a two-level underground parking garage. There will be a total of 306 vehicular parking spaces and 174 bicycle parking spaces. Six visitor spaces are proposed at grade. No commercial uses are proposed for this site.

Comments/questions should be directed to:

Melanie Knight MCIP, RPP
Planning and Growth Management
City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Avenue West, 4th Floor, Mail Code 1-14
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1
Melanie.Knight@ottawa.ca< mailto:Melanie.Knight@ottawa.ca>
613.580.2424 ext 28439

4 thoughts on “OCA recommends resident comment immediately regarding Lepine Project’s proposed site plans for 127 and 145 Presland Road

  1. Karine September 24, 2012 / 11:36 am

    Is there matter for concern here? I am new to the area and wonder if there is something I should worry about concerning that proposal… Thank you. Karine


  2. denise and paul brennan September 24, 2012 / 5:31 pm

    Not opposed to new development but 15 stories way too high,


  3. Martine m September 25, 2012 / 9:19 pm

    Thanks for flagging this. I am so upset with how the city has handled this. My comments were as follows: What ever happened to the two 8 story buildings at the east and west ends connected by a centre section stepping down from 6 to 4 stories? Lepine and the city of Ottawa have been lying to residents all along. I knew we were being set up…your consultations are a travesty. For the record that car entrance is too close to Presland road…I guess we will have to get accustomed to hearing 300+ cars drive by next to our bedroom windows every morning and evening. Furthermore, the number of visitor parking is grossly under what would be required for a structure accommodating over 300 units. Maybe local residents need to conduct consultations of our own, for a class action suit.


  4. Karine December 10, 2012 / 9:35 pm

    What you are describing is very upsetting, Martine. I am ready to support any action against the proposed plan: again, i’m am new in the area, and also new to Ottawa’s way of doing things so just let me know what can\should be done and i’ll be happy to join forces in any way I can. And by the way, aren’t you also bothered by the 417 traffic noise? Why aren’t there any noise control barriers along “our” section of the highway? I’ve been wondering about that since i moved in… The Glebe,Westborough, etc all have walls but not our neighborhood… why not?


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