Association meeting next week will focus on Safety in Overbrook

Walking, cycling, or driving safely in Overbrook have their challenges. Our Neighbourhood Watch program has expanded but more areas can be included. We have a new constable assigned to our area. These items affect the safety of Overbrook residents. 

Come and find out more in a round table discussion on “Safety in Overbrook,” at 7 pm, Thursday, 20 September 2012 at the Community Centre. Taking part in the dialogue are Constable Matt Hunt and Real Lambert, cycling columnist for the Nouvelles d’Overbrook News, along with other experts.

You will also hear news of two new initiatives taking place in the community:

  • “The Greenlight Project” to engage and train young people to become leaders,
  •  an event planned for 23 October  for Overbrook business owners and operators to meet.

Hope to see you at our Association meeting designed to engage residents in issues that affect us all. The agenda will not feature any OCA business!


2 thoughts on “Association meeting next week will focus on Safety in Overbrook

  1. Anne Martel September 14, 2012 / 1:34 pm

    Unfortunately I can’t attend the Overbrook safety meeting, but there is an issue that I want to raise with the City and the Police. Cars are now parking on weekdays in front of a newish apartment building at 411 North River Road (Terrasses Gabrielle). The problem for cyclists (and buses and cars) is that the road is not very wide there.

    As a cyclist who uses this road every morning, I feel particularly unsafe when buses overtake me at that spot, as there isn’t enough space for both of us. Cars also park very close to the corner, so that making a right turn from Washington Street is dangerous. Most of the licence plates are from Quebec, so it is unlikely that they are residents in the neighbourhood.

    Could the City post limited parking signs to discourage people who park there to avoid using the City parking lot across the street?


  2. Anne Martel September 15, 2012 / 8:37 pm

    Correction to the previous comment on parking on North River Road. The correct location is in front of 369 North River Road between McArthur and Carlotta Avenue (Terrasses Amélie).


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