Invitations have been extended to a number of homeowners and businesses in Overbrook (who have development plans submitted to Ottawa’s Committee of Adjustment) to share their plans with the community at an Association meeting at 7 pm on Thursday, 21 June 2012 at the Overbrook Community Centre, 33 Quill. Each presenter will be allocated 10 to 15 minutes plus a short question and answer session.

Faced with increasing pressure by the City and by developers to intensify, the OCA is working diligently to determine and articulate the ideas we hold on the future Overbrook we collectively envision. Our Planning & Development Committee’s Community Design Plan (CDP) is nearing its first draft, and will eventually be submitted to the City’s Planning Department to become part of Ottawa’s overall development framework.

In light of our planning and development work, this meeting with potential developers promises to be informative and helpful.

Anyone planning to develop their property or business is cordially invited to contact us. We plan to hold regular bi-annual “Planning & Development Update” meetings. To get on the agenda for the June meeting, please email us at as soon as possible.

Everyone is invited to this Association meeting.

Overbrook matters … every voice counts!


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