Board Games Club (9am – Noon Saturdays)

What would it be like to….

  • Be a financial Baron and build a railroad empire in the 1800s?
  • Discover forgotten cities of lost civilizations?
  • Establish and rule a medieval kingdom?
  • Or even conquer Ancient Rome?

 Come and find out at the… 

Our homepage on Yahoo


The Club will operate every Saturday from 9am to Noon – FREE of charge.
The board games (provided) will accommodate between 2 and 6 players each.
The rules to each game will be taught in English and French.
Special events (such as day-long tournaments) will be scheduled several times a year!
Teens (12+), Adults, and Seniors are all welcome – the games offered will challenge you all!

Leave the PS3, Xbox, and Wii aside for a few hours and
come join us for a fun, social, and challenging time!
All you need to bring is your spry and curious mind…

Overbrook Community Centre
33 Quill, Overbrook
(near the Vanier Parkway and a few short blocks from Bus 18 on Donald/Quill)

Our homepage on Yahoo

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